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Our preferred method of render is solid render (sand and cement render).  This type of rendering results in a higher quality and straighter finish than other rendering options.  However, if the client requires a different method to be used for example Acrylic Render we are happy to satisfy our client's requirements.

We can offer the full service from rendering to painting.  We only use the best of products available on the market which are all Australian Made, to sustain a long term high quality finish for your home.

We also supply, install, render and paint polystyrene panels, hoods and mouldings. Foam cladding is now becoming very popular for new extensions.  It is far superior to blueboard (when installed correctly) for straightness, durability and resistance to movement.  It has great thermal and sound insulation properties.  We fix foam panels to frames on new homes and renovations.

When we have completed the job, you will be very happy with the end result.  On top of that we will clean up spotlessly after ourselves by cleaning any windows that we have worked around and pathways, etc.  Masking  is an important part of our job.  To ensure everything is left clean and spotless we mask windows, doorways, fittings, roof areas and floor areas.  We use cloth sheets along working areas to avoid mess that can be very difficult to remove.  Do not risk using a Renderer who does not believe in the importance of the cleanliness of your property as much as you do.  Roberts Rendering believe the clean up is just as important as the job itself.

Rendering Services

Solid Plastering
Skim Coat
Architectural Coating/Mouldings
Polystyrene/Foam Cladding
Hebel Cladding & Mouldings
External Painting
Texture Coatings
Rockcote Products